"You In The Slippers! Stop Right There!"


working up my courage. the urge to
bolt is upon me. i could get dressed
oh so quietly and slip away again,
go home and eat M&M's till dawn,
then go to sleep in my own bed
with its 4 pillows and quilts and
clean, soft sheets.

yep. i could do that. go home and
do some laundry, eat a bowl of shredded
wheat, finish watching As Good As It Gets.
sit at my computer, put on my headphones,
type and type till i've filled the days quota
of words.

i could put on my long white nightgown
and dance in the flowers my lamps throw
on the wall. pretend for a while that it's
a smooth road i'm on, wide and paved
like the road to hell. he's snoring, he'd
never hear me leave. i could do that.

little car moving fast towards some ideal
place where life is good. one headlight
showing me the way. all my bags on
the seat beside me, all the lights up and
down the river throwing yellow curls of
mist on the water. house lights like stars
on the mountains. beautiful time of the

leave names and fears and jealousies
behind me sucking the fumes from my
exhaust. windshield wipers chasing
each other across the glass, tidying
up the nights tears.

Elvis isn't on telling me what to do
tonight. "love me tender" doesn't
and never has moved me the way
"fire and rain" does and always has.

instead i sit right here counting heartbeats
and breaths.

everything's all right, go on with the party.


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