Wouldn't It Be Wonderful


to fall in love again with
no hesitation
no reservations
no preconceived notions of
how it's supposed to go?

wouldn't it be wonderful to
feel my heart beating in triple
time just because someone came
into a room, someone i love with
all that's left of my heart?

wouldn't it be wonderful to believe
for just a little while that the long,
dark road has ended in sunlight and joy?

wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in
your arms and realize it was all just a
horrible nightmare, none of it true, those
things didn't happen, i am safe, i am loved
and i love?

i don't need it, but i want it.
i won't die without it, but i won't
feel fully alive till i find it again.

wouldn't it be wonderful to close my eyes
and open them and find you here?

wouldn't it be wonderful?


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