in the deepest part of the night,
just before dawn, he speaks to me.

caressing me with his words on
my screen, he calls me baby and
angel and makes me smile.

it's been too long since i've felt this

we whisper, make plans,
describe fantasies to each other.

my heart pounds at the thought
of what i'm about to do.

i'm past the point of worry, past,
almost, the point of caution.

soon, he whispers, i will have you soon.

i can almost feel his hands on me,
his mouth on mine, his heart racing
with my own.

pleasure beckons and
teases me with it's fire.

soon, i whisper, i will have you soon.

another dawn breaks and
i am left with the memory of the
moon while i mark off the days until
it becomes reality.


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