While I Was Sleeping


someone came in and stole my
big blue jug full of ice water.
i can't find it anywhere, and
when i went to sleep it was right
beside me on the thing beside my bed.

they stole the vcr remote for my bedroom
vcr, too. i spent damn near 20 minutes
searching for it. i did find the cigarette
case i thought i'd left at the huddle house
after a drunken night of karaoke, though.
only 2 smokes left in it, and since i'm
working now, i've switched back to my old

and they took my sunglasses. this is almost
more upsetting than the other stuff missing,
but i miss the other stuff more cause there's
so much of it. when i drive to work the sun is
setting behind me, and when i drive home, it's
rising behind me, too. but sometimes after too
little sleep my eyes are sore and while the sun
isn't in my eyes, it still bothers me.

i hate when little things get lost.


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