"...when i'm lost and when i'm found..."


i am coveting a desk i just saw at Office Max.
i went earlier today after i got my check cashed and bought 12 black pens
and two permanent markers. tools of the trade. but i forgot a clipboard and
that's necessary to keep all my paperwork organized while i'm working. the desk i
saw the first time was very nice, but the one i just saw made my mouth drool. an
L-shaped "work center," it has drawers that glide soundlessly and
interesting drawers and cupboards where i imagine storing secret, personal
desk-type items: stamps, address books, love letters...

it's $149 right now, but the salesman said it goes on sale occasionally for $99.
the hutch that goes with it is $70 extra and of course i want that, too. i will
buy it, i know i will. this is how i spend my money. i don't have hot water or
living room furniture or phones, but i will buy that desk and spend a couple of
hours sweating while i put it together in this room. it will go across the wall
from my bookcases, which i haven't bought yet, but which i have already picked
out. they are smooth, dark wood, tall and deep and 4 of them will give me a
"library," which i have always wanted. right now my books are in every
room of the house packed in plastic totes, very hard to get to for the most
part. i am resolved to live in this house until i buy a house of my own. i
figure in 5 years i will be stable enough to start thinking of my very own
place. if i last 5 years at this job, chances are good i'll work there for the
rest of my career.

this room is a hodge-podge of mismatched furniture with electrical cords
;all over the place. there are only two outlets in here and so it's
hard to hide the necessary cords for all the electronic equipment. a new desk and
bookcases will clean the place up, i'm thinking.

everybody's gotta have a dream. this one is mine...


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