After Filtering Out


all the subjects that are distasteful to me,
there's not much left.

but what's left is pretty good, so i'm not going
to complain.

a very small part of me wants to tell you all to
take it to email.  heh

that was a joke.

i want to be me when i grow up. i want to be
just like me. the me i see in my dreams.

that me may be battle-scarred, but she is strong.
she is able to say "i love you," and she means it.
(ok, that part i feel i do right now. if you don't think
so, oh well. i'm living my life in my reality and i think,
really, that's as it should be, don't you?) she fills her
world with as much beauty as she can, because she
knows that beauty is needed to balance the ugliness
in the world.

she does not play games. she does not
let emotions rule her, but instead lets them guide her
to the places she wants to be. she lets other people
into her life because it is her choice, not a duty or an
obligation. she is comfortable with herself and with her
ability to make sound decisions. she cuts loose when
she needs to, restrains herself when it's necessary, and
is always honest and sincere. she listens to what other
people have to say, but does not allow them to do her
thinking for her. she knows her own mind. she respects
herself, and because of this, she respects other people.

i love this woman. i want to be her friend. other people
do, too.

that's what i see in my dreams.

i think maybe by the time i'm 70 i'll be pretty darn close
to being her.

till then, you're stuck with the me i am now.


if you read all of this, tell me about the "me" you see in
your future for yourself.


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