Watermelon Day


i got on the freeway to go to Attalla and ended
up behind Mark. i've been thinking about him
lately. thinking that i miss him, miss talking with
him, giggling with him, getting drunk with him.

so we arrive at the stop light from the freeway
into Attalla and i'm sitting in my car behind his
truck when he rolls down his window, sticks
his head out, then his arm, and waves at me,
a big Mark-grin on his face.

i gave him the finger. :)

it's a joke between us. there is, he told me, a
correct way to give someone the finger. i, he
told me, have been doing it wrong my whole
life. he tried to teach me how to do it. i could
never get my fingers to work that way without
manually moving them.

except this time, i did it. and i grinned, and his
face lit up and his smile grew wild and he threw
his head back and laughed.

then the light changed and i followed him till he
turned down toward his house and i continued
on my way to Glenn's.

it has been almost the perfect day. the only thing
that really marred it was that my dad stole the
watermelon off my front porch. pitch dark when
Glenn and i get here, and i know immediately that
it's gone.


one watermelon in exchange for a perfect day
is a deal i wouldn't ever pass up.


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