Wash It All Away


rain coming and the air
is pregnant with moisture
and i'm crying because
the night was long and
i wasn't enough, can't
ever be enough for too
many people who have
lived decades longer than
i have.

rain coming and the music
i've chosen is pregnant
with pain and loneliness
but it's the only music in
all the world that i want
and i want so badly to get
up from this machine and go
into the other room, turn on
my microphone and let it all
out in a way that is more real
than the words i'm writing.

rain coming and i am pregnant with
pain that will be born and will grow
after i've faded from your consciousness
long after you've forgotten my name
or just how i said "i love you" with
my heart in my hands waiting for you
to take it and make everything all
right again, make it like it was before
when i was enough for everyone.

rain coming...

hope it gets here soon and washes
everything away, washes away the
night and the day and maybe tonight
i will put on something pretty and put
paint on my face to make my blue eyes
as blue as my soul and i'll go out
all by myself and dance with a strange
man who maybe will look at me for just
a moment with eyes that look like yours
and his and his...

rain coming and me without the umbrella
of your love to keep me from being washed


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