Thunder And Lightning


and while he made love to me, i cried. is it ever
going to be ok?

(yes, yes.whisperthisathousandtimes"iwillbeok")

get out of my head NOW!

(yes, yes.whisperthisathousandtimes"iwillbeok")

there's nothing left but disgust that one human, sick,
could do that to another, knowing they're sick, too.

(yes,yes. whisperthisathousandtimes"iwillbeok")

you say i lie, you're right. there were times i was sure
i was dead, then the pain would hit. what do you
do when the world is on fire? you tell yourself


the truth.the truth.the truth will set you free.

and you get slapped for telling the truth and praised
for lying.


so you learn to lie.

and i cried while he made love to me last night. the thunder
turning the sobs of a life broken and battered into cries of

"are you ok? are you upset? what is wrong, denise?"


i said


"i will be ok."

yes, i lied. i lie a thousand times a day. go ahead, hate me. like
i give a fuck. lies kept me from getting my face slapped, my hair
pulled, kept the belt off my ass.

it's me or you.

i fell asleep waiting and today i'm alive.



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