10 Cent Wings


don't need no fancy wings to fly away,
don't need no fancy car.
don't need nobody to hold me up or drive me there,
just need this pair of 10 cent wings.

strap them on, stretch them out, work out the kinks,
they'll take me where i need to be.s
lift-off guaranteed, hold on tight to old dreams,
i'm following the wind today, tomorrow remains to be seen.

floated too long on a river of stale tears,
got the taste of salt in my mouth, need to taste some joy.
do for yourself, live for yourself, sometimes the only
hand you can trust to hold tight is your own.

beating the air with 10 cent wings.
beating the fear with 10 cent wings.
beating despair with 10 cent wings.
freeing myself with 10 cent wings.

now give me a breeze, a tiny, tiny breeze,
and i will be gone in a flash.
see that speck up in the air?
that's me and my 10 cent wings.


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