Teary Day


just one of those days when everything
makes me cry. that's two days in a row
now. krystal was in here, turned on CMT
and that song, "if you ever leave me, will
you take me with you," came on and i
started to cry.

"why are you crying, denise?" she asked me.

"sometimes i just need to cry."

then she started telling me about when her
mom died and she started crying, so i took
her in my arms and held her tight while we
cried together.

now i've got all these feelings and i'm doing
the boring, tedious work of copying all the
stupid writing from my old web page and putting
it on the new one. it's not creative. and i
keep trying not to reread the stuff i wrote
back then.

glenn is working another double shift. i wish
he were here.


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