The Sky, The Mountains, And You


on my way to work the sun sets 
behind the mountains which are
beside me,
leading me,
over me.

and about halfway to work, i pass a
sign that says "Anderson"
with an arrow pointing to the
right, which is wrong, 
for you, when you and i
were together, briefly, 
too briefly, were always,
it seems, on my left.

and when i see that sign i realize
i am halfway to work and half over you.

i love my job.  i work hard for 12 hours
at night and when the dawn breaks 
and my back is aching and my feet
are hurting and i'm almost
finished maintaining the lives of those
too old and ill to be cared for by
their families, and as i go from 
room to room, touching soft, 
wrinkled hands, and, sometimes,
soft, wrinkled cheeks,
i always stop
just for a moment,
and look towards the east 
where the sun crosses the line
between earth and sky
and starts its journey, once again,
towards another night without you.

i take a big breath and ready myself
for the morning hurry, finishing up
odds and ends and leftover pieces
of the night before this dawn,
and once in a while, maybe once or twice
so far, i try and say a prayer
for the love you've found 
with someone else, 
not with me.

but i can't. not yet.
because i'm only
just half over



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