You Should Know


that it won't ever be over,
won't ever go back to the way
it was before it happened.

and you should know that it happened
for a reason, even if the reason isn't
clear to you.

you should know that it's not the stuff
that happens to you that's so damn important,
but how you handle it. how you get through it.

you should know that you can't walk around
all the time staring at your feet. you'll
miss some pretty amazing things that are all
around you.

you should know that it's all small stuff
except the love. that's a big stuff thing.
all else is small stuff and will not matter
a hundred years from now. this "you should
know" does not apply to ecology. ecology is
a big stuff item, too, for the children we
create in love will create their own children
and a hundred years from now, the condition in
which we left the earth for them will matter a
great deal.

you should know Crowder peas do not look or taste
like "peas" as i know them.

you should know that everything you do has some
affect on someone, no matter how alone in the
world you feel.

you should know that how we treat ourselves reflects
on how we treat each other. there can be no respect
for other people without respect for yourself, first.

you should know that in the end it does really all come
down to self. you are accountable.


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