Shedding Skin


it's quiet inside you
and i listen to you dream,
watch your eyes dance under
your closed lids and wonder
why i can't feel more for you.

i guess not every heart we meet
is meant to be the one we're
seeking. some hearts
you just visit in the dark.
some hearts just stop to rest
on the journey and take their
pleasure where they find it.

hopeful in the beginning, i now
feel alone again, even as you lay
beside me, even as you touch me
with gentle hands and tender lips.
you haven't changed, but i have.

i won't give up this life for you
and i know that makes you sad. i'd
say i'm sorry, but it would be a lie
because i'm not. i'm not sorry my
own journey has brought me to this
place in my life where being alone
is better than the pretense of love.

i kiss you when i want to and i see
you when i want to and i am alone
when i want to be. i'll add you
to my list of regrets someday, but
right now i don't regret anything
at all, except the knowledge that
i will one day have to say a full
goodbye to you, walk away, and never
look back.


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