i'm messing up again. i hate it when that
happens. someone i cared about very much
in another newsgroup once flamed me by
saying i eventually end up alienating
everyone in every newsgroup i'm in.


not that i mean to. it's just who the hell
can be sweetness and light all the time?
and stating your opinion is a dangerous
thing in a group filled with other people.

so i found a couple more empty newsgroups
and am posting to those.

see, it's ok if i alienate myself.

glenn has to leave every weekday morning to get
his daughter Krystal off to school. she's 10.
at night she stays with glenn's mom and i feel
badly about that because she's glenn's child,
not his mother's. he needs to....


never mind.

anyway he called and woke me up and said he was
coming over with his computer in about an hour.
well, he can pick something up for me there in
Attalla where i bought my car, but i've been trying
to call him since we hung up and the phone is busy.
i'm getting frustrated.

i don't know why i'm writing.

i'll stop now.

in a "mood"

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