Rocking In The Cradle Of Life


Close your eyes, imagine the trees. Can you feel how they
bend and sway? Imagine yourself safe in the arms of a
tree with soft, tender branches to cushion you, leaves to
shade or warm you, wind to sing you lullabies.

Now imagine you are the tree. Can you feel how strong
yet supple you are? Do you feel the power you have to
bend and sway with the wind? Do you realize strong
winds only clean out the dead parts of yourself, making
room for new growth? Is there someone you hold in
your branches? Someone or something you hold
softly, tenderly? Someone or something you provide
leaves to make a blanket for? Someone or something
you sing to sleep or to comfort?

Now imagine you are well. See yourself strong and
supple, bending and swaying with the wind, losing
parts of yourself that are no longer necessary, singing
with the wind, providing your own warmth and warming
others with your life. If you feel small, that's ok. If you
feel weak, that's ok. If you feel strong, that's ok. If
you feel powerful, that's ok.

Because it's your life, no one else's. It may feel as if
it belongs to the winds that rock you, to the people
or the things you cradle, but it doesn't. It is your life.
It will always be your life. It started at the moment
of your conception and it will end with your last

It's your life. Save it, celebrate it, mourn it, cradle it,
warm it, create it.

Now believe it.

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