In 2000 I Will


turn 43.
get more gray hair.
buy books.
buy another guitar.
write more songs.
write my sons more often.
write Wendy at least once a month.
think seriously about writing something for publication.
check out options for becoming a "Real Nurse," or RN.
try to be more kind with the truth as i perceive it.
smile so often, people think i have some mental defect.
pray more, giving thanks for having made it through,
asking for courage to make it even better.
kiss at least one stranger.
dance under the full moon in joy instead of sorrow.
get more comfortable inside my skin.
talk less.
listen more.
re-establish contact with some of my brothers.
plant a garden.
plant the morning glory seeds i carried with me from Missouri.
let my Michigan and Missouri nursing licenses lapse.
video tape "Sunset Boulevard" to watch over and over.
save up for a new car and pay cash for it.
pay off the bills i left behind in Missouri.
try to learn to rhyme.
buy a 4 track recorder.
make mp3s of my favorite music.
sing more to the residents at work, cause those silly people love it when i do that.
live as an example of what life alone can be.
go dancing at least once a month.
forgive the unforgivable.
move on.
carry on.
party on (occasionally, cause all party and no work is not a good thing).
have a brief, torrid affair that ends well.
settle into middle-age with grace and dignity. NOT! :)
support myself emotionally as well as financially.
support those i can, leave alone those i can't.
be kinder.
become wise. (ok, i probably won't do that this year,
foolish is so much more fun!)
look back with love instead of hate.
look forward with anticipation instead of dread.
have another ASD meet at my house and watch
fireworks from the road again, cause that was
be a lady.

and last, but never, never least, LIVE!


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