i gotta tell ya about this recurring dream i've been having

which is odd because i've never had a recurring dream before. 
recurring nightmares, yeah. just dreams, no.

so i dream that this man who looks exactly like Robert Redford 
falls in love with me. he tells me over and over that he's not 
Robert Redford, he just looks like him. he falls in love with me 
and pursues me until i get over my fear that he's just playing a 
nasty trick on the ugly girl and we move in together into this old 
house that has holes in the roof. but i don't care that the roof has 
holes because i am in LOVE, people, with a capital L. 

and every time i have this dream, i wake up smiling and happy for 
the rest of the day. i talked with Deborah on the phone tonight and 
she says it means love is coming for me, i'm being made ready for it.

um hmm.

man, i love that dream. it's so real that i can feel the rain falling 
through the roof. i wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning just smiling 
and happy. 

open me up, i'm ready.


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