The Point


because sometimes, in amongst all the bullshit, there are moments
of peace. moments when the beauty of the land around me just
makes me curl up my toes and be glad i'm alive to see the haze
on the mountains rising in the distance.

because sometimes, in amongst all the sorrow, there are moments
of pure love that i hold in my heart forever. the first smile from my
newborn sons, the first giggle, the first time someone touched my
cheek and looked at me with honest love in their eyes.

because sometimes, in amongst all the pain, there are moments of
pleasure so intense, i lose myself. i am not me, denise, anymore,
but a collection of cells that can do nothing but react in basic
and instinctual ways that has nothing to do with who i am, but
everything to do with what i am...alive.

because sometimes, in amongst all the tedium and boredom, there
are moments when i can almost feel another person's soul leaving
its impression on my life, changing me forever with the uniqueness
that belongs only to them.

but you caught me on a good day. tomorrow i may not remember these
moments. i may become caught up in the bullshit, the sorrow,
the pain, the boredom, and i will forget, for a moment,

that i was happy i was alive.


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