my soul torn from my body,
my heart bleeding in my hands,
frightened, shattered, alone,
lost, cold, shivering, hungry
for something beyond words,
beyond kindness, beyond grace.

i stood at your door and couldn't
knock, couldn't speak, could only
stand naked and afraid, head bowed
under the weight of all the pain,
silent, deaf to all but my own
timeless echoing screams.

i waited humbly, hardly breathing,
waited for the door to open and
for you to find me, sure that if
i could just look in your eyes,
i could find a way to bandage my
own wounds, put myself back together
again, go on.

i just needed to see myself in your
eyes, catch a glimpse of who i used
to be, of who you used to love, of
what i was to you. i stood, silent,
yearning, bleeding, waiting for the
door to open.

it's still closed.


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