rainbow hugs with my name
surrounded with every color
that ever existed, that was

tears so wet and drenched in
such misery, i could taste the
salt of them over hundreds of
miles of telephone lines, that
was michael.

laughter so huge it swallowed up
my pain and left me full of joy
at being alive in a world that
had him in it, that was michael.

so smart that it frightened me,
that was michael.

the soul of a poet, the mind of
a genius, the heart of a sentimental
lover, the pain of an abandoned child,
faith that could move mountains, that
was michael.

he died and there is not a day that goes
by without him dancing like quicksilver
through my memory. he is always smiling,
always holding out his hand in friendship
to me, always teasing me and singing silly
songs he made up for me.

i always sit outside under the stars and
pray for him, pray that he's found love
that never lets him down, peace that is
never stolen by depression, ease that was
never his while alive.


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