so, like, yeah

he was there. i noticed. i didn't care. much. 
some, but not much. funny, i was just thinking 
about him, about them, the other night. thinking 
that there are anniversaries coming up and all. 
thinking, "who was that woman? what was her 
deal?" well, i can admit that woman was me, but 
i can only guess now at her "deal." she wanted 
true love? at 40 my idea of true love was a lot 
different than it is now. now it's mostly about 
breakfast and "turn out the light before you get 
that thing out" and "isn't it hard YET?" yeah, i 
know. but at 45 life is about much different 
things. screw love. i've had it and never knew it. 
how ironic is that??? i think maybe the difference 
is then i was looking for someone to get lost in and 
now i just want to find myself in someone else, if 
that makes sense. so, like, yeah. i saw you. and for 
a moment i smelled your scent, felt the texture of 
your skin, heard your voice.

and then i moved on.


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