Sometimes It Catches Me In The
Back Of My Throat


that you're really gone.
that i'll never talk with
you again. that you'll never
make me laugh again.

sometimes it hurts so much
that i must bow my head under
the weight of the pain and struggle
to breathe because you're gone.

tonight i fixed my web site and
went to each page looking to see
if it was all right. i came to
my "links" page and there you
were. so i went to your page
and i started to cry and down
at the bottom is your address,
the one i'm sending this to.

do you remember me telling you
that i'd love you for the rest
of my life and beyond? i promise
you i will, Michael.

and every night i go outside and
i say a prayer for you.

i miss you all the time.

i love you still.


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