knapper has filed bankruptcy.
he'll keep the house, i think, and his
vehicles are all paid for, i don't think
there's anything they can take from
him now.

he makes 15 dollars an hour. he wanted
the house and all it's contents. he didn't
want me to get an attorney, so i called and
got one for him.

"this is the least acrimonious divorce i've ever
seen," his lawyer said to me on the phone
just before the divorce was final.

i left him with everything. walked away only
with "my" stuff.

it's the way he wanted it. it's the way he always
said it would be. i'd have nothing. it was all

yes, i guess it is, isn't it?

he's a proud man. he's a simple man.
he really is a good man, for all i've trashed
him. there is a basic human decency
about him that he gave our sons.

it seems to be lacking in me.


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