"Kiss Me Quick"


i'm the back moving quickly away
from you. i'm the catch in your
side when you've run too fast.
i'm the silence after the argument
and the tears you cried last night.

the more you beg me to stay,
the faster i'll drive till all you
see are red taillights glowing
like Satan's eyes in the distance.

act as if my presence is unimportant
to you, and i'll run even faster,
grateful for your permission to do
what i'd do anyway

you don't even know how much
you're going to miss me. a line
from a movie or a song, don't
remember which, not important,
not really. just words i'll fling
over my shoulder like a whip,
like long blonde hair on a pretty

i don't want to get past the mystery.
i want to stay intriguing, beguiling
and desirable for the very transient
nature of my place in your life.

"ah, she was beautiful and full of
secrets, deep and blue, like an
ocean," you'll say, you'll tell your
friends on cold nights when your
heart aches with the frigid air and
my absence.

"'kiss me quick,' she whispered and
then she walked out the door and into the
dark, her arms open as if for a lover's
caress," you'll say, you'll tell your friends
over bottles of beer, with too-loud
music in the background.

they'll put a hand on your back, right
above your shoulder, and they'll be
kind to you with bitter words about me.

"she didn't deserve you, man."

and they'll be right.


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