I Wish I Wouldn't Do That


i wish i wouldn't spend a lot of
time writing something and then
just delete it. it might be
something good. i might not
think it's good, but other people
might. that's happened before.

but, no! i have tried 3 times
to write and post this thing
in my head about saving up
love songs.

and last night i wrote 3 posts
(and last night is not right
now or the hours proceeding
12am 12/28/99. i'm talking
early am 12/27/99. it won't
be "today" until i go to bed
and wake up again.) titled,
"obsess, obsess, obsess,"
about how i couldn't sleep
because of that pill thing.

i wish i wouldn't do that.

but sometimes i'm glad i do.


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