Tonight I Used You

i paid for my phone and it
gets turned on Tuesday.
i'm suddenly afraid you'll
read these and think me
strange, though truth to
tell, that's a thing i
already know.

i didn't want to go out
last night, wanted to stay
home and watch TV, eat Chinese,
play with words, maybe record
a song or two

but out i went and, yes, it's true
i sang my heart out,
baby, i used you
used you to reach into locked hearts,
turned water into wine
just by using you

i said, "i lived this song, that makes
it mine," then i opened all those old
wounds and let the pain out, baby i sang
about you and the way you used me
but the joke's on you this time
cause i made 50 dollars on your
time-worn memory.

i spent it all on chocolate and music
i sang in Wal Mart and i charmed the clerk
who took that money i earned with my heartache
he chuckled when i told him about you
and your wicked, wicked ways and he smiled
in my eyes when i laid that money down, baby.

then we came home, glenn and me,
and we made love like we invented it
and when i started to cry over you,
he just held me tight and swore a promise
to me that he'd never leave, no he'd never
leave without telling me goodbye like you did.

but i'm suddenly afraid that you'll read these
words and you'll think i still care when i don't
i just learned to use you, baby
not like you used me, no,
but i learned to use you, baby, and tonight i
was queen of the ball because of you

so you go ahead and you live in your fairy tale world
with your early nights and your stilted, staid new friends
i think i got the best of you tonight
cause each note i sang was a testament to our end
and when the song came to an end, i was a happy girl
cause i finally got to use you, boy,
like you used me

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