"It was me,


i let go of your hand."

crazy world i live in. crazy in such a sane way. i go to work, i come home.
for weeks i did nothing but read all the time. no
electricity, no outside diversions will make your mind hungry
for stimulation, or at least it did mine.

now there are only three things to do:

watch movies on my vcr.



oh, it's a boring life sometimes, but it's still better than
the hell of living with glenn.

but you know...

laying on my bed in the air conditioning, watching movies, these
things remind me of glenn and sex. sex would be nice, i think. sex would be
fine. i've been celibate for 4 months now, the second longest amount of time
since i was 17. still, no sex is better than glenn. anything, even
Chinese water torture is better than glenn.
death by asphyxiation is better than glenn.

 ok, maybe not, but it would be a hard choice, you know what i mean?



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