I Only Know


that i feel like i'm trapped under glass,
screaming, and no one hears me.

i know you hear me, but can you
understand what i'm saying? do
you hear only the sound of my voice,
not the content?

i don't want anyone to die. i don't want
anyone to hate. i want everyone to feel
as if they have a right to their feelings,
but not to behavior that is harmful to

my stomach is in knots because of
stuff that has happened offline today.
it's in knots because of what is happening
online here, too.

that's my problem. that's my "thing" to
deal with.

your problem, as i see it, is to try and get
beyond the words to that place where
there is room for everyone to make mistakes
and to learn from them.

i learn so much from this group.

no matter what happens, i'm so very glad
i've known you all.

let me state that again.

I am so very glad i've known each and every one of you.

not making sense, as per usual

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