"I'm So In Love With You"


he said this as we slowly moved
together in time with music, i think
it's called "dancing." but i got lost
in his eyes and missed a step or two
and we almost wound up in a heap
on the floor.

well, i was in shock, as you can well
imagine. of course i know how wonderful
i am (must always remember and never forget
Deb Wood's words to me in 1989: Denise,
sarcasm is rarely pretty.), but i didn't know he
knew. i thought i had been hiding it pretty well,
my wonderfulness, i mean. i act careless and
casual, drop no hints, leave no clues that underneath
this whining exterior lurks the heart of a great, true
love. someone to build dreams around. someone
to ache and yearn for. yes, that would be me.

but we found the rhythm again and all i said was,
"are you? are you really?" and i smiled that gap-toothed
smile that apparently he loves and he, being mostly kind
and a true romantic, said, "yes. yes, i am."

and then he kissed me and the song was over.
we went back to being who we are. me hiding
my wonderfulness and he the fool in love with me.

i did not ask to be born just so i could break his heart,
but i know that will happen. i just know it. and i will
go the rest of my life remembering forever that one
shining moment on the dance floor when he reached
inside of me and held my heart in his hands.


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