I'm Lonely, Come Sing To Me


with a soft, gentle voice,
or even with a great big one,
i don't care. just take away this
silence and make me feel a part
of a world that changes too fast
and leaves me sitting on the sidelines
watching other people smile while i
blow excess tears out of my nose.
(that's why your nose runs when you
cry. i read it's just excess tears that
don't fall from your eyes.)

sing to me how Ben met Sally
and they were kindred spirits
who recognized immediately
that they belonged together
and so they moved in together
and lived happily ever after,
even if i don't believe a single
word for a single second.

just come and sing to me and
touch my face and tell me that
it's been too long and the loneliness
is over. cause if you don't, i don't
know what i'll do (though i really do,
i'll turn on the TV or pick up a book or
maybe, just maybe, i'll start to sing
my own songs about how denise met
*insert name here* and they immediately
recognized the kinship of their souls so
they fell in love, moved in together and
lived ordinarily ever after.).


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