"I'm Afraid,"


i told him. "afraid of this feeling."

"there's no need to be afraid anymore, denise," he whispered.

but there is. i'm too emotional, too passionate, too head-in-the-clouds lately.

i just want to live until i die.

i kept waiting for my life to get better. i was waiting for this
big thing to happen and it never did. instead what happened
was that there were moments that were so wonderful i couldn't
believe they were happening to me.

i figured out that a life is made of many moments. some you live
in and some you get through.

now when something wonderful happens i close my eyes and store
it in my mind while i immerse myself in the feelings it brings.

and when something bad happens i grit my teeth and remind
myself that all things end. the good and the bad are all temporary.

i'm still afraid for myself.

but i'll grit my teeth and get through it.


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