Little Houses


little houses with
yellow siding and
green shutters and
dark green doors,
that's what i'm
dreaming about lately.

a little house nestled
at the foot of the mountains
with a flower garden and
a hammock between two trees,
a fireplace for the winter,
cool air coming through the
floors in the summer.

a place to hide when it
gets to be too much,
when i get to be too much,
when there is nothing i want
and everything is not enough.

a rose colored bedroom with
a big brass bed spread with
a quilt and lots of pillows,
a place to dream the rest of
my life away.

a yellow kitchen with white
cupboards and a white table
and wooden chairs painted
blue and green and pink,
with a big stove and a large
pantry and colorful plates
and an ivy plant trained around
the window like a curtain.

i want that so much. i want
it yesterday, i want it right
now and if i had that place
i would walk down the hall
to the bedroom and curl up
on the bed and cry for awhile
because i keep losing my place
in my life and i want someone
to share my life with and i
don't want anyone around and
i don't, really, know what i

except i want that house
and i want that ordered life
and i want things i can't seem
to keep once i have them.


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