"Hey, Clay! Lend Me A Dollar Till Tuesday."


he pulls a bill from his pocket,
looks at it and hands me a 10.
"wow! thank you!" i turn to glenn
and smile with my whole face. "isn't
that cool? now i don't have to borrow
from you to get my paycheck tomorrow."

"give it back, denise," glenn orders
me. "i'm sure it's all he has to last
him till tomorrow night."

"nah, i'm sure it's not. he likes me,
but not enough to give me his last 10
bucks," i tell him.

i call clay back to our table and ask
him if he has any more money. he reaches
in his other pocket and pulls out a wad with
a hundred on the top.

"told ya," i say to glenn, and stick my tongue
out at him.

glenn makes a deal with me, says he will take
me out for breakfast if i'll pay him back tomorrow.

well, i'm hungry. i haven't eaten since i cleaned
the last of the food out of my house at 9:30 Wednesday
morning. 2 eggs and hash browns smothered in a sour
cream/hot salsa mixture. laugh, but it was good and it
was all i had.

so we go out to eat and i order a huge breakfast for
about 6 bucks and glenn orders a slightly smaller one.
the waitress laughs when i say, "no grits!" and shudder.
she's nice and talkative and regales me with the story of
how she's stuck there waiting the tables all by herself
until 7 in the morning and the place has been packed since
she came in at 9. "well," i ask her, are they at least
tipping you well?" she smiles and shakes her head no. "not
in the least," she moans good naturedly. poor girl. i could
be you, i think.

i'm still slightly drunk and silly, though i don't sing in
public like i did the last time we went out for breakfast
after going to karaoke. we finish up the meal and glenn
pays her with a $20. "did you leave a tip?" i ask him.
"i'm just going to let her keep the change," he tells me.
"you'll just owe me $20 tomorrow. a nice, round number."

the story of my life. i go and end up borrowing $30 bucks till
tomorrow when all i needed was a dollar.


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