Here, In This Place Where I Am

all that you are
and all that i am
and all that we
create together
is magic.

i know this.
and i know magic
fades and becomes
mundane and routine
and casual.

magic becomes bills to
pay and kids to raise
and lives to make day
after fleeting day
until you wake up one
morning and find yourself
standing at the mirror
watching your hair change
color on its own
watching your eyes become
duller and you see the
world start to shrink so
that it only is what you
want it to be.

maybe that's what's making
me sad today. i know when
i drove home from work today
the sun had set the mountains
on fire with hues of green
and gold and red and that
last night it was as if god
was taking photographs
because only here and there
would the sun strike, showing
a swath of color and all the
rest was gray.

i was singing as i drove
both to and from work.
i took my hands off the
steering wheel, held my
arms out towards the
mountains and exclaimed
at their beauty, "beautiful!
gorgeous! wish you were here!"
like some idiot school girl
who'd never been out of the
town where she was born till
just that minute.

it's not all magic anymore,
i just know it. now it's
going to be trudging through
the rest of the days on the
rest of this journey that has
me here:

not lonely, just alone, here,
in this place where i am.



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