Well, Here I Am Again


middle of the night demons keep
pinching me awake.

"Demons BEGONE!" i cry.

they don't listen. demons rarely do.
they actually feed on the screams, on
the pain and sorrow. silly demons.

"Demons BEGONE!" yet they stay.

so i whisper to them:

"i am loved, you know. i don't need
to doubt it or prove it. i don't
fear you any more. you are temporary,
my life is precious to me now. you
are only visiting and feasting on the
sorrow of this moment. eat fast.
soon i'll be singing again and you
will go back to whatever place it
is that demons live."

then i hum. the demons don't like it
when your head is too busy to listen
to them. they try gnawing on my heart
a couple of times. i feed them, by
accident, a tear or two, shed unknowingly.

i think it was the smell of winter in the
air today. i think it was that i was out
in the fresh air, breathing it in, then
getting back in the car and coming here.

my head is full of music again.

the demons didn't stay long at all.

all i had to do was whisper.



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