I Gotta Stop Listening


to these love songs.

come on, denise!


it always, always is in the end.

it's just that sometimes "the end"
takes so long, ya know? it's the
waiting and the hurting that gets

like right now, waiting for the
10th of January. it's taking
forever, it feels like. i dream
about it every night. i dream of
it every time i turn into this driveway
after work.

it's not my place. it's not me, there's
nothing of me here. there are no pictures
of my sons, of my grandsons. no candles to
light when the shadows fill the house with

i don't mind a life alone. i really, really

but these love songs, man. they're getting
to me.

duh, denise. turn off the music, you silly

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