so i opened my hands and gave
you my bandaged heart. maybe
you know how much courage that
took, and maybe not. did you
recognize it for the gift that
it was, or did it annoy you,
make you say sharp words in your
head to me?

it wasn't gift wrapped, i know. there
were no bows on it, no ribbon held
it together. some of the pieces
came off and broke when i handed
it to you. i'm sorry for the mess
it made in your life. i'm sorry
you had to go around cleaning up
the tears it leaked sometimes.

if you would, could you please wash
and then polish it till it shines
brightly again? i'd appreciate it
ever so much. and if you could
scrub this stain out, make the memory
of this and that time fade, i'd be
your friend for life.


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