i met and became friends with a man in Springfield
when i lived there. he came over to my house, gave
me software, sent me email, chatted with me on ICQ.
he only lived a few streets down from me. he's very
nice. he's with the police department there and he
helped me feel safe, told me to call him if anything
happened, he could check it out or send someone
right over. that helped a lot, because i was afraid
a lot of the time there.

the other day he got on IRC and we were talking. this
guy knows a lot about computers, so i asked him a
question about my net card. he said, "i'll have to
answer that in email. i have, you know, company
right now."

that was so weird. he left and i sat there crying because
it brought back a lot of memories of when i lived in Misery.
i hate feeling like i'm something people have to hide. he
and i had a purely platonic friendship and i know the
"company" was his wife.

i made some good friends from work in Springfield. i miss
them. i wonder how Evan and Todd are, how Michelle
and Sara and Linda are doing.

it's hard leaving people behind. i wish i could stop
doing that. all the people i knew and loved
in Michigan that i had to leave, the friends
i made in Misery, these people were precious to me.
i had a next door neighbor on Thoman street,
she was really cool. she would come over and sit
on my porch with me before i moved.
i felt really alone there, but i guess i wasn't.
it just felt that way too much of the time.

Glenn's friends come over and visit with me when Glenn's not here.
some call on the phone and chat with me. they consider me to be
their friend, too.

so i'm thinking, i must be a nice person to be able to make friends
where ever i go, right?


introspection, inc.

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