First Kiss


13 years old i was
and he a bit older
standing in the middle
of the living room
his hands on my shoulders
and the room starting to
narrow and draw down into
itself until there was no
room, only him and his mouth,
his eyes, lips and lashes, my
soul drawn out of my body, waiting
for some magic i couldn't understand,
waiting to be set free.

and the moment. the moment
is frozen in my mind even
after all these years, how
the world started tilting and
spinning and i lost my breath,
felt suspended in some land
between innocence and knowing,
his hands warm on my shoulders,
his lips sweet and soft on mine,
and it sounds corny, but i forgot
my own name for a moment, forgot
who i was, where i was, what i was,
all of me concentrated in my lips
as they pressed against his, my
soul dancing and seeking his own.

i'm an old woman now with marks from
childbirth, with gray in my hair,
with tired lines around my eyes from
too much smiling and too many tears,
and i've been kissed a million times
since then by men with hearts true
and false, and i know he must be an
old man with gray in his hair and
children of his own, but i will never
forget the very first time the world
stopped while i received my first
love's kiss.


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