every day is a winding road

and i'm not looking forward to the drive back, i can 
tell you that. my ankles swelled, my knee locked up, 
and Michigan drivers can be RUDE AS HELL! i've been 
in the South too long. and i wonder, was I that rude 
when i first moved to Alabama? Michigan people as a 
whole seem rude to me now. they don't move their 
shopping carts out of the way when you come down 
the grocery aisle, they bump into you and don't say 
"excuse me" and look at you with a comically amazed 
expression when you do. 

my sons are all well. their wives, for the most part, are not. 
one is having almost constant panic attacks, or so her Dr. 
says, another one had to have emergency back surgery last 
night, and the pregnant one is flirting with toxemia. the noise! 
the confusion! the clutter! the excitement! i love it all. most of 
the time. i think it's time for my vacation to end because i'm starting 
to become stressed by the environment. i've played marriage counselor 
(to my kids and my ex-husband too!), had a "come to Jesus" meeting 
with the woman my ex is married to (oh, that's an entry for a much 
later time, like when i'm home again and in a more relaxed frame of 
mind.), given advice on child-rearing, (do NOT allow him to disrespect 
you like that! when he's 16, he'll end up murdering you in your sleep, 
for God's sake! and stop letting him hit you!), cooked almost every 
single night i've been here, done more dishes in a single day than i 
do in two weeks at home, since i rarely have dishes to wash at home, 
and received hundreds of hugs and kisses. it's been a vacation, 
all right. one from which i will need a vacation. i'm tired. and God, 
do i love them all. 

note to self--

please make sure to have your paycheck deposited BEFORE 3pm on 
payday or you will be penniless for most of your vacation. 

there's a lesson i will never forget.

i love my ex-husband and he still loves me and we will remain apart 
for the rest of our lives. that's the saddest part of this whole trip. 

i miss my bed. a floor does not compare to a king-size pillow top mattress 
covered with much loved, time-worn quilts. that is all i'm going to say about that. 

i'm heading home tomorrow.



*Author's note*

this was written on my son's computer while on my first trip "home" to Michigan
after having lived in Alabama 5 years.

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