It's This Pounding In My Chest


that i can't stand. i think i'm having my
first panic attack. how interesting to
drive once more while sobbing like
a dejected child. thought i'd left
that part behind.

maybe it was the country music
i was listening to. i don't like most
CM. i only like a few of the women
singers. Trisha Yearwood, Wynonna,
Martina McBride, Patty
mind is drawing a blank.

so i'm working for my dad now in the
mornings. he has this locksmith/sharpening/
junk shop 7 miles outside of town, but he's
still driving truck. he's asked me to come in
from like 9 to noon and catch any business
that stops by while he's gone. he lives there,

no, i haven't asked glenn to leave yet. but
i find myself doing those awful
looking at him with contempt when he talks
about stupid things, easily irritated with him,
resentful of the time he spends on my computer.


today was trash day. i'm just filling the can again.


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