A Complete Woman


that's what i am. in the prime of my life.
experienced, tried, a survivor of all things
a woman can go through. childbirth, teenagers,
cancer, becoming a grandmother, divorce, rape,
a past rich with colors and textures of love
and death and being alone.

i want to be frozen right now, feeling as good
as i do, with hope whispering inside of me.
healthy, free, right on the path, not kneeling
beside it, trying to find it, lost. i want to
stay this way forever.

i am a complete woman, though i don't have a
uterus anymore and my breasts are no longer
firm and upright. a complete woman with
gray in her hair, lines around her eyes,
laughter and tears close at hand if needed.

and i don't need a man to complete me. i
don't have to play games with men. they
don't have anything that i can't live without,
that i need them to provide for me. not money,
not children, not safety, not security, not

i have much to give. wisdom, knowledge, laughter,
sensuality. i want a man in my life. but i don't
"need" one. a man is not necessary for me to have
a good life, a complete life. i am not man bashing
here. i have always liked men. i am just saying
that if one never finds me attractive again and
i never have a single date again, i'll be ok. i
won't wither away or become strange and bitter.
well, mostly because i already am strange and
somewhat bitter. i am also normal and sweet.

i am a complete woman.


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