Thought I'd Call You


but i guess i won't. what would i say?

"hi. how ya doin? what's new? where's your
life heading? it's passing quickly, isn't it? time,
i mean. for a long time it just stood still and i
was trapped in that awful place. sometimes
i start to go back there and then i shake my
head. it all goes away eventually, doesn't
it? if you live long enough, i mean. how are
the kids? the wife? the pets? does that...
no. i'd rather not know. have you heard i don't want to know about her.

nothing new here. you're so quiet. are you
all right? say something, please. i don't
care what, just anything. i feel like a
ghost in your life. i feel like a ghost in my
own sometimes, too.

but boy, didn't we have fun? wasn't
the look never mind. i knew
it was a bad idea. i'm not sorry i bothered
you, though. that? that was the smile
in my voice. take care."


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