Reaching For Bottom


it must be here somewhere. i felt it under
me just last week. and i know i was thinking
then that if i could just touch the bottom of
this endless, sucking pain, i could get my
feet back under me and push, with all
my might, push up towards the sky.

little gasping breaths, too short and shallow
to feed my toes, it hurts to take too much

it's a good thing we're mostly water, or i'd
have a hell of a bill to pay for all these tears.

if i can just touch, with the tips of my toes,
the bottom, i could zoom upwards, my arms
lifted like superman, like when the ice cream
man saved me from drowning when i was five.

up, up, water bubbles racing to see who will
surface first. eyes open and straining for the
first pale glimpse of light.

it's just there, beyond the stretch of my legs.

maybe if i painted my toenails red...


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