"anyone you want me to be"


who are you? she asked. in reply
he told her, "anyone you want me
to be. what do you need in your
life right now? what's missing?
tell me so i can change my shape
to fill your missing pieces."

why did you come to me? she asked.
he told her this: "because long
ago i dreamed of you. i saw you
with the sun in your eyes, blinking
back too-quick tears, confused and
alone. i came because you wanted
me to come."

will you ever leave me? she asked.
he said, "eventually. all things
living and non eventually leave.
there is one journey we must make
totally alone, a river to cross
with ourselves the only guide
you should never forget

are you my perfect lover? she asked.
and he replied, "yes and no. i am
only those things made of your dreams,
and dreams are rarely perfect. but
i am here now and i will do what i
can to see you through this, to help
you push through, to hold the light
while you find your way."

with that she smiled and closed her eyes.


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