it's always going to be something


it's never going to be smooth.
smooth roads are for cars, not
lives. a life without trouble
teaches us nothing. a life
without pain is never sweet.
it's always going to be something
that you will have to push up
against and get past.

shallow and simple is fine for
fools, but a life full of richness
and complexities teaches us valuable
lessons that, if we are wise, we
let nourish and strengthen us.

smooth sailing is for boats, not lives.
we need the wind to push us, we need it
to battle against so that we can find
inside ourselves the things we will need
to get us through the rest of our lives:
courage, resiliency, strength.

you may not agree with me, but we need
the tough times, the pain, the challenges.
without them we learn nothing about ourselves
or others.


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