The following are not my words, but the words of 
someone who wishes to remain anonymous, someone
who read something that I wrote in a newsgroup and
felt compelled to respond.  I'm always shocked when
I see my name in a subject line.  Sometimes it's a 
nice surprise, but more often over the years it's been
quite the opposite of "nice".  I consider the following 
to be one of the former, not the latter.  I have no idea
who wrote what follows, but it really touched my heart.

Subject: seeing alabama from new york

when denise posts
i am carried straight back to those two lane highways
and small towns in alabama
with the tidy houses
and tidy lawns
on tree-lined streets.

arethusa. from the west village i whisper
arethusa. of summer nights and humid air and pickup trucks
parked in pastures;
ponds reflecting moonlight,
dragonflies and june bugs,
"a little turtle-doving on the mason-dixon line."

jesus christ i'm a new yorker
a jaded burntout been in love too many times
new yorker
old enough to know that there's
no such thing as
True Love.
and yet...

all it takes
is a post from
and i'm carried back to a small town in
where a woman
who's loved and lost
and lived to love again
and longs to love again
reminds me that's it's possible
live and love

and burntout and jaded
is no way to go through life.

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